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poet and visual artist

Transforming words into physical objects.

As a poet, I’m engaged in exploring the boundaries between language and visual art. I work with poem-objects and other forms of tensioning the physicality of a (written) idea.


Praising the subtleties.

I’m also passionate about the pictorial ways the languages can exist: the alphabets, the letters, their meaning combined with their shape or contexts, and also, some alternative writing systems such as notation, Braile, and other human codes.


In a more radical exploration, I’m also interested in using language beyond the semantic content, unfolding different uses of asemic writing.

Touching the hidden margin.

Manipulating matter beyond three-dimensionality, twisting time and space to suspend seconds. Repetitions that generate frequencies, frequencies that generate states, that reconstitute matter itself.

When plastic thinking is quantum,
every word is a prophecy


2017          Arte Laguna Prize, Sculpture and Installation Category

Group exhibitions 

2021          Palavras dentro de palavras, Galeria Paralela no Centro Cultural Oasis, Rio de Janeiro.

2020          Buraco, virtual exhibition, Galeria Paralela, Rio de Janeiro.

2019          Espaço em Si/ Grupo 2020, ocupação Casa França-Brasil, Rio de Janeiro.

2019          Grupo 2020, Galeria Carambola, Rio de Janeiro

2017         Residency Final Exhibition - Central Saint Martins - UAL, London

2017         Arte Laguna Prize/Finalist at Sculpture and Installation, Arsenale, Venice.

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